The Worn Out Racers was founded 5/12/2013. We are a group, of mostly older gentlemen, that enjoy racing.  We are looking for other racers over 40 that enjoy racing without all the drama and name calling of normal iRacing.

Hall Of Fame

From the infamous "Stormy"

With our league membership now being in excess of 250 members and as I was one of the original group of Worn Out Racers,  I think it is time to honor the people who have been outstanding in developing this league. I purpose  that on the 4th of July we induct Three members into the WOR “Hall of Fame”.

Inductees should be recognized for league participation, work done to further the league, driving skill, driver improvement training, etc…

The first 3 inductees are: Mike Pugh “Rippin”, Robert Smith2 “Bandit”,  Andrew Stokes “Lawnmower Man”.

These gentlemen shall be recognized for their outstanding work by placing this “Hall of Fame” information on Facebook and an E-mail notification to all members.

I personally would like to thank all of you for all of the work that you have done to make WOR into an enjoyable place to race and have fun.

Robert Storms2 “Stormy”

2017         Worn Out Racers           Hall Of Fame

Robert "Stormy" Storms - Founder Hall Of Fame  - iRacing since 3/26/2012

Mike "Rippin" Pugh - Worn Out Racers President - iRacing since 12/31/2011

Robert "Bandit" Smith - Worn Out Racers Recruiting & Relations - iRacing since 2/21/2009

Andrew "Lawnmower Man" Stokes - Founder of Handicap Racing - iRacing since 2/15/2011

2018         Worn Out Racers           Hall Of Fame

Jonathan "Red" McKay - Website Pictures and Logos - iRacing since 11/29/2009

Gary "Robocop" McCarthy - One of the original WornOutRacers - iRacing since 5/20/2011

Roscoe Crittenden - League Admin  - iRacing since 3/7/2010

Richard "Revvv" Vanderhave - Tuesday Handicap Races  - iRacing since 2/19/2012

"Big Bad John" Kelley - Founder of Hump Day Hijinx  - iRacing since 11/19/2008

2019         Worn Out Racers           Hall Of Fame

Randy Hemm  - Started Our League With "Bob "Potbelly" Nicholson  

Randy Hemm.jpg

"Bob "Potbelly" Nicholson  - League Founder And Came Up With Our Name

Pot Belly.jpg

Robert Lawyer  - League Admin - iRacing since 3/10/2017

Profile Pic.JPG
2020         Worn Out Racers           Hall Of Fame

Todd "Sumbitch" Bess  - League Admin - Thursday Road iRacing Since 10/11/2014

Sumbitch Wins Charlotte.jpg

Tim Lewis  - League Admin - Sunday Showdown iRacing Since  1/25/2013

Tim Lewis.jpg
Pot Belly 2.jpg
Robert Lawyer Wins Vegas Road.jpg
Randy Hemm Win Lime Rock2.jpg
Tim Lewis Wins Brands2 Hatch.jpg

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