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24 Dec

New Milestone!

We have reached a new milestone!


This week we just added our 400'th member. Thanks to "Bandit" for the awesome job of recruiting and everyone else for telling your friends about us and for being a Worn Out Racer. The future looks great!!!

Mike "Rippin" Pugh

3 Aug

Sat Night Handicap   Road Racing

Adrew "Stoker" Stokes Has decided to take on a new night.

 Starting this weekend Andrew will be doing Saturday Night "Handicap" Road Racing. 

It will be the same format as we do on Tuesday nights.


Andrew came up with the concept several months ago and it has been a hit.


For those of you that are timid of road racing this is the perfect way to get your feet wet. Basicaly the slowest car (based on practice times) starts out front and the fastest guy starts in the back. On paper everyone should cross the finish line at the same time.

Thanks Andrew for taking this on!!!

We Highly recommend Teamspeak3 and we will help you get started. We think it makes it much more fun!

Teamspeak3 Setup

July 5 2015

Once installed go to bookmarks,manage bookmarks,add bookmark.


Label=          Worn Out Racers


Nickname=  Your name.


Once in iracing sim ask for password.

Awesome Site to See What Races Are on TV

14 Sept

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